Mermaids have long captured our imaginations. They've thrilled us in art, fairytales and films.

Mermaids were often the first sign of trouble for surfers, fishermen and sailors. The presence of these odd creatures could signal that a terrible storm was brewing at sea, or that your luck was about to change from good to bad.

According to folklore, a mermaid's kiss is said to garner man with the ability to breathe underwater. However, it is theorized that sailors actually mistook manatees for mermaids! Perhaps that is why both are still endeared in our quaint, charming, romantic and conveniently located town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

We too are both intrigued and infatuated by mermaids. In fact, we are kinda-pissed that we're not mermaids. For that, Glam Sparkle n' Glitz offers a wide selection of everything mermaid.